When a client ignites you to deliver more

When a client ignites you to deliver more

Whenever I meet with clients, I leave feeling invigorated, ignited, electrified. This morning, I left the comforts of the Dorset-surrounds and travelled to the the catchment area of the shadow cast by The Shard, to meet with the Marketing and Delivery teams at Talmix – the home of independent talent.

As marketers, we’re always thinking of where next to deliver for our clients – the next plan, the next campaign. But after meeting with the team, who I’ve now come to know well, I left feeling, that although this was a discussion about what next to deliver and how to amplify what we’re doing even more,  I’d taken much more than I realised. Meeting with a team who is passionate (I know… I actually detest that overused word) about truly delivering a good customer experience, solving their clients’ problems and helping their community of over 27,000 independent consultants discover their next opportunity – I left feeling completely hopeful and expectant of the next wave of amazing things ahead.

And now, as I find myself on the train back to the countryside, and the view of the Shard gets smaller and smaller,  I feel completely blessed in having the opportunity to dip in every now and then, align myself with my client’s expectations, keep check that I am fulfilling what they need me to fulfil – and allow myself to become completely excited and obsessed with the next phase of the project – as I did on Day 1.


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