Open Letter to all the self-employed superheroes out there. I salute you.

Open Letter to all the self-employed superheroes out there. I salute you.

Almost 2 months ago, I left the corporate life. The corporate world of which I have been a part for over 13 years.  More than my entire school career.  So, pretty much  the biggest chunk of my life so far.

I took a risk and decided to do something brave. I decided to give it a go. With one hand in my husband’s I took a leap and decided to dedicate myself, fulltime, to Fresh Brew Marketing.  And here I am – still going.

Sitting at my desk, while pondering my short journey so far, in between Social Schedules and event plan layouts, I, for some strange reason, started scrolling through my friend list on Facebook and it dawned on me just how many there are of us who have taken the same leap of faith – and given it their best shot. Believed in a cause so much, that they dedicated their lives to it.

Some made it. Some are making it. Some didn’t quite get there.  But that wasn’t what caught my attention.  What had me pausing over my cup of Alta Rica, was the fact that we’d all done something so brave – which many people never, in all of their lifetimes, get to attempt. Who cares if we make it, or if we don’t? Who cares whether we become the Next Big Thing or not. What matters is that these people have stood up and said, “I believe in myself enough to put my life into my own hands, and give this a go”.

And so for a minute, I was filled with such pride to be among peers who have demonstrated bravery, determination and a sense of self-belief that has taken them to the other side of the employment table. For a minute, I was completely overwhelmed by the strength that we as an unintentionally-united group share, and I realised the power that I hold in my hand – to be able to share, spread the word, encourage and support – these brave men and women who are not making a fuss, but just getting on with life and doing what they have dedicated their lives, and some the lives of their family, to doing.

So – next time you see one of us share a blog on our Facebook wall, or a photograph of what we’re getting up to, or we ask you to “spread the word” – know that it’s not just something we say to sound hip and trendy. We genuinely want you to help us grow and develop. We genuinely want you to tell people about what we do. We genuinely want you to think about how YOU can help US in your own business.

And to those amazing customers and clients who have believed in the ability of Fresh Brew Marketing, and the ability of Katy Roberts – I am forever thankful.

So – in the spirit of sharing and spreading the word – next time one of your mates shares a post from their business blog – just click share.

To all you self-employed superheroes, my hat is suitably doffed.


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Katy Roberts founded Fresh Brew Marketing in 2012 and is proud to work alongside a wide variety of businesses looking to grow their brand, amplify their message and just generally do cool stuff.

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