A snapshot of Fresh Brew Marketing Content

A snapshot of Fresh Brew Marketing Content

Client Description Content Type Example
An online and printed newspaper for global expat South Africans featuring news articles, humorous stories, recipes, advertising and other newsworthy articles relevant to South Africans around the world. Published and printed within the UK and other major cities around the world.
Personal experience as a South African living abroad. Articles included anything from stories to recipes, travel tips to anecdotes. Click Here
Beaminster Community
Beaminster.net was a Community website started by Katy Roberts and fellow Beaminster-residents and aimed to promote the town, its businesses, its activities and the beautiful Dorset countryside as a destination town to visit. It played host to blogs, events, gardening tips for the areas, and became the number one search result for anyone searching for the town, or any of the neighbouring areas. After this was handed over to the local information office to continue running, sadly, they were unable to maintain the website and it was unpublished.
Content included restaurant reviews, news articles, advertorial articles, web-based content and more. Click Here
The South African Magazine
The South African Magazine was another online magazine dedicated to expat South Africans living around the world. Similar to the SouthAfrican.com, this publication also aimed to raise awareness of South African issues facing expats and aimed to create a global community and link back to South Africa.
Content included general news articles, recipes, anecdotes, personal experience blogs. Click Here
Eat Balanced Food Blog
I was invited to contribute towards the Eat Balanced food blog following my passion for cooking and experimenting with new flavours and combinations. This blog aimed to demonstrate seasonal food options for those who had a passion for healthy alternatives.
A personal twist on a family-favourite recipe Click Here
Talmix is the Home of Independent Talent. A marketplace that matches the right independent consultant to the right organisation requiring assistance, Talmix, previously MBA&Company, makes it possible for independent consultants all over the world to find new work opportunities. My job was to develop a community content plan that touched on key industry topics including Change Management, Strategic Workforce Planning, the Future of Work and more.
Consultant Interviews, Prediction articles, Tips and Advice on developing a freelancer profile, general How To articles and more. Click Here
CFPro Ventures
CFPro Ventures is a business that bridges the gap between businesses who are looking to grow, and the investment community through providing the right business support and resource
All Web content, entire marketing and content strategy, business blog, press releases, marketing collateral,
white paper development and more
Click Here

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Katy Roberts has over 15 years's experience in helping businesses amplify their brands, build their customer bases and engage effectively with audience communities in order to build relationship for long-term business success. Having left the corporate world and now working independently since 2015, Katy continues to help local and national businesses tell their story.

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