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Great review from Faye Neal Photography

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I love working with people and businesses who are passionate about what they do! And so – you can imagine my joy at being able to help Faye get her visible and online presence for her incredible photography business to a point where she can self-manage and develop her own presence so much more.

And when you get a testimonial like THIS – it makes it all so worthwhile.

Faye writes…

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…… Katy at Fresh Brew Marketing is a breath of fresh air. Katy comes with a wide range of marketing knowledge that helped my business grow to a new level, the knowledge I now have to understand the way I approach my customers either by website, blogging or social media is just what my business needed. With packages to suit you and your business, Katy knows how to handle anything you throw at her. What I believe to be one of the most  invaluable parts of Fresh Brew Marketing is their amazing support and customer service which helped to install the confidence in my business. Thank you for the kindness, support and your true professionalism. Your advice is priceless.”

Thank you, Faye! Pleasure was ALL mine!


For more about Faye Neal Photography – click here.


What if working for yourself isn’t as hard as you thought?

Working for yourself does allow some perks. Non-location-specific working. So this morning, I headed out to one of my favourite haunts in Bridport, Dorset and made myself comfortable at The Bull Hotel – with their great coffee, smooth tunes, and roaring fire. It’s April, and it’s freezing.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

This wasn’t a purely social outing – it was a business meeting with local well-known photographer Faye Neal (check out her Facebook Page here).  With both of us heavily involved in the annual Buckham Fair event that takes place in Beaminster every year, it was time to get together to talk about all things Marketing – and how we can raise the profile of the event even more.

It didn’t take long and we were blasting through ideas and jotting down lists of things to do / setup / create / talk about.

But what struck me,  is that once again – I was sitting across from a professional who had decided to take the leap, and do her own thing.  And as we shared ideas and tips together (her with photography tips for me, and me with social media tips for her), I realised that so many of us sit with a very similar thought, at some point in our lives. The thought that we’d like to one day do our own thing.  But very few of us take that step. We like the security. We like the routine. We like the safety.

I’m still new in my game – but so far, I can only say that, albeit sometimes hellishly scary, it’s just pretty damn exciting.

Don’t get me wrong – I find myself working twice as hard as I ever did before – establishing my own routine, giving all my clients and commitments the time I’ve promised, thinking ahead to the next avenue of business when this project comes to an end, not getting drawn into those moments when business isn’t forthcoming.  But, just like Faye, I knew I had a talent somewhere. And forming that into a business that people would actually want to pay for was the key.  Once I’d done that – I was on my way. I still am. I am not 100% there yet – but I’m moving. And that’s all that counts right now.

I’m so incredibly thankful.

Perhaps working for myself wasn’t as hard as I thought?