Brand Consultancy

Ever visited a website of a company, and gone “whooooa…. that’s loud”. We sure have. And you know, sometimes it actually works… but more often than not, it doesn’t really.

Or, you’ve heard of a great product, and all that it can do, but you take a business card from the sales person, and you are every so slightly disappointed – and cannot quite put your finger on it?

Why does that happen?

Because your vision of their product in your mind, did not match up to how they’ve demonstrated their business through their branding.

  • It tells people about the core of your business
  • It connects with someone on an emotional level
  • It serves as an indication of credibility for you, or your business
  • It secures brand loyalty (or not).
  • If you don’t have a consistent brand, then you are not successfully achieving the above, and you are (probably) working much harder than you should be – and probably not as effectively either.

Fresh Brew Marketing loves to tell the real story – and I’d love to help you discover what your brand is effectively saying to the world So, let’s develop your:

  • Personal Brand Development: You, as a representative of an idea, or a business, hold your own brand responsibility. Whether you are looking to establish yourself as a thought leader in a certain field, or merely want to ensure that your personal brand is aligned and attractive to those who may want to use you, Fresh Brew Marketing can help you to develop your personal brand story.
  • Logo Review: You’ve probably got your logo – and that’s great. If you’re not sure what your logo is, and someone has to ask you what your logo is, then there’s room for improvement. Let’s have a chat – and we’ll tell you our thoughts and together we can find an identity that you love, that works for you, and most importantly, builds the loyal following that it should.
  • Branding Colours: BRIGHT COLOURS ARE AMAZING, but not when they are so loud that they drown out your business message. Colour choice, and the use thereof, is such a critical part of your business. You need to think big – one day, you will be attending events, you could be buying corporate clothing, you will be buying office carpets and painting new walls – and the choice of colour in your branding would be a key consideration factor in something as simple as buying new toner for your photocopier machine.
  • Product Branding: Without stepping on the toes of our Product Placement and Review service offering (read more here), your product branding is a critical factor in communicating consistency of business message, and service levels. Are your products all aligned to the same name in some way, or do they each have their own individual name, message, marketing platform, totally independent from your core business process. Do customers who buy one product, recognise the fact that another product in your range, is also produced by yourselves, or do they feel it is a separate company altogether? Why not invite us to have a look and review what it’s all about?
  • Brand interpretation (survey-based) and User Experience: One thing that drives us at Fresh Brew Marketing is that “Ah! I get it now!” factor. And we get that from speaking to people who are either using existing products, or intend to. We love conducting surveys – we love to find out what, about your business, makes the user-world tick. What sells, what doesn’t – what they love, what they would rather skip, all that kind of stuff. If you’d like us to have a chat, and run a user-based survey about whatever it is that you do, then give us a call. We’d love to get involved.
  • Brand development: You take a look at some of the biggest brands in our world at the moment, and take some time to have a look at their logos and brands over the course of 10 years, very few have remained completely static over the 10 years. And you know why? Because they see the need in showing a sense of update, a maintenance of flow and development, a desire stay fresh and new – year after year. Perhaps you have been using the same branding for a number of years now, and you feel like it’s run its course, and it needs a bit more helium… give us a call – let’s have a look and build your brand development together.