Content Creation and Marketing

Content can be a scary world. So many words and so many things to say – but how do you ensure that what you are saying, is:

a) the right thing
b) the right thing?

Fresh Brew Marketing has extensive Content Creation, Management and Revision experience, and would love the opportunity to work with you on developing your words and content systems a little more.

We are not designers, nor are we developers – we simply like to talk, write and create. Some of our services include (but are most certainly not limited to):

  • Press Release Management: Have something to shout about? Then you should be shouting as loudly as you can – and making sure that all the Who’s Who in the business know about it! We’d love to help you with these!
  • Website content management: A website is your home away from home. Your shop window. It’s absolutely imperitive that your website echos who you are, what you do, and more importantly, how people can buy from you. In the greater world of SEO, Hit Rates, Analytics, and all that other stuff, the choice of content, and the words you use, are critical in ensuring that you are found – as a number one business in your field. We’d love to help you with that.
  • Email distribution Campaigns: We would love to work with you in identifying and defining a fantastic email campaign, and your email application of choice (we can help with one if you’re not sure where to start), in delivering compelling business messages to your intended.
  • Report writing: Do you love to write reports? If you do – then you probably don’t need us for this. If you don’t, however, then we can help! We’d love to save you some time by taking those tasks off your hands, that you just don’t get to, understand exactly what it is that you are trying to convey, and delivering a product that makes sense, is accurate, but most of all, is of a high standard.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Social Media is the talk of the town. Everybody’s doing it. Everybody should be doing it. However… there’s absolutely no point if it’s not being done effectively. And that is where Fresh Brew Marketing can help you. Let us help you get started with the fundamentals – and help you drive a campaign that will give you a footstep into the Social Media world – It’s pretty cool when you actually start to generate revenue from your Social Media activity… so let’s get started!
  • Resource Management and Marketing Mix: Talk to us about how we can help you enlarge your marketing territories. With experience in Print, Online, Email, Social, Face-To-Face, and Creative Media – there may just be an avenue that you haven’t yet considered venturing down, that holds pirate-ship treasure boxes FULL of promise for your business. Let’s have a chat over a cuppa and discover new territories.
  • Other Stuff: We do loads more. We can create content for your brochures, your leaflets, your flyers. We can help you to manage intranets and internal communications. We can help you create manuals, yearbooks, corporate documentation. We can help you create new content for your business processes, posters, sales templates and so much more. The world is our scallop shell and we’d love to work alongside you to show you what we can do


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