Marketing Audits designed to help you grow

Ready for the Truth about your Marketing?

When was the last time you conducted a full marketing Audit?  If you’ve had to think about that, then it’s probably time.

Fresh Brew Marketing offers a variety of marketing audits that help businesses streamline their internal and external communication.  These are available as individual packages, or can be wrapped up into a more comprehensive package and are fully customisable based on whatever you need.

The importance of any audit is that it is done independently and transparently in the spirit of growth and development.  That’s why all of our audits aim to help businesses identify, fix and grow.

Here’s how Fresh Brew Marketing helps:



To create an effective social media strategy, you need to know who your audience is, what platforms they’re using, and how your product or service can help them.  Our social media audits help you to listen, understand and identify your voice in the social media crowd.

The extensive analysis of your social media activity means that you have the insight and tools you need to build a robust strategy to build your digital presence even more, and stand out from the noise.

Our social media audits include:

  • Social media listening for mentions of your brand or products
  • Reviewing areas where your digital presence could be streamlined
  • Checking the consistency of the tone of voice used across platforms as well as across different media such as video, images, prints, advertisements and more.
  • Identification of keywords relative to your business and how you could use them more to create a bigger digital footprint
  • Reviewing the optimisation of various social media platforms that would enhance your presence in search rankings
  • Social media analysis of competitors in your space, their audiences, discussions and social positioning to identify any risks or opportunities.
  • A review of social media sentiment and how your audience perceives your brand.
  • A breakdown and analysis of your social media activity, audience and content with an intention to explore new audience opportunities
  • A review of your current engagement, including frequency and impact of posts, interaction and audience reception.




There’s no point talking, if the content you’re putting out is not delivering results. In today’s world, unless you’re using a variety of content, you’re definitly missing a trick. A content audit is designed to identify what is, and what isn’t, working for your audience, providing clear suggestions on areas to improve to grow your visibility and brand conversation even more.

Our content audits include:

  • Identifying your functional and organisational goals and using that as a base to conduct any content analysis
  • Gathering & categorising your content in order to analyse the data across platform.
  • Reviewing your existing content and checking for brand inconsistencies in terms of tone of voice, positioning, design and usability
  • Analysing your existing content and gauging audience reaction and sentiment and conversion rates.
  • Reviewing your sales & marketing communications to ensure that the messages your audience receives are consistent – regardless on how they’re engaging with your organisation.
  • Review the way your audience searches, and how they find you (if they do). We then look at the content you are projecting to make sure that they are finding you, when they search for you.
  • Creation of a clear action plan for areas to improve on and things to keep building on.




Like two peas in a pod, your Sales & Marketing functions should flow together in absolute harmony. Unfortunately, the real world would quite often unveil that it’s less than two peas and more like oil and water trying to carve out a common goal.  But even oil and water have a united purpose, which is why your sales & marketing functions need to be joined at the hip.

Our sales & marketing audit reviews the entire process flow, from lead generation to conversion. We review and analyse every touch point that your customer will experience during the course of their life with your business, whether it be via social media, a face-to-face meeting, a telephone call from the telemarketing company you’ve employed or that very first lead generation email.

With a strong focus on the marketing function, our sales & marketing audit includes:

  • A review of the functional touch points between sales and marketing, analysing
  • A thorough data review which includes reviewing the reality, quality and current value of the sales pipeline
  • Analysis of existing marketing goals, strategy & performance and existing Messaging architecture
  • Mapping of product offering and supportive marketing collateral including promotional documentation, resource, activity, platforms, listening tools & practice
  • Team buy-in to brand & cross-functional integration
  • Lead generation process mapping and conversion KPI ownership & procedure & interview with sales representative(s)




How happy are your customers? Do you know, or do you merely think you know? Fresh Brew can help. Whether you’re thinking about making a change, or whether you’re simply wanting to take stock, communicating and engaging with your customers (especially those you haven’t seen in a while) is critical.

Our surveys are completely bespoke to your business, and are created in conjunction with your team to ensure that the findings represent your own growth plan. Whether they require face-to-face customer interviews, telephonic surveying, or merely a digital activity, we work according to what you need.

Our customer satisfaction surveys include:

  • Understanding your business goals and growth plans and mapping that out against your existing activity and future marketing plans.
  • Building a survey of questions that aim to create a transparent way for customers to talk freely and openly about their experiences in using your products and services, working with your team, comment on their future purchase intentions and feed back innovation ideas that may enhance their experience with your organisation more.
  • Conducting a survey in a way that suits you (telephonically, email, physically) and recording customer feedback results that will enable clearly identifying strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities for your brand.
  • Reporting back (via report or presentation) on findings that highlight existing success areas as well as clear demonstrations on areas where improvement is necessary.




If you want all of the above, and more, then that’s what you’ll get. Our full, comprehensive marketing audit gives you a clear picture of how your customer perceives your business, aims to explain their buying behaviour (from you), aims to highlight things you are doing well, and areas where improvement is required, looks at risk areas where your competitors are outshining you and where you could raise your profile even more and equips you with valuable information that is needed to form the basis of your own marketing strategy.

You cannot build a strategy unless you’ve conducted an audit on the way that you’re currently travelling.

Our comprehensive marketing audit is entirely bespoke to your business, and usually includes the following:

  • Internal Sales & Marketing Team & Collateral Review: A full analysis of your existing marketing & sales goals, strategy and performance, your messaging architecture, your internal team buy-in, your lead generation process mapping and reviewing that against your conversion KPI ownership & procedures.
  • Market Analysis: Reviewing your market definition and estimate the size & growth of your existing marketing, highlighting potential growth areas. This also includes a PEST audit to review company performance against external changes and behaviour.
  • Audience Analysis: A full review of your company’s current customer base and audience type, review of tone of voice disparities, the identification of prospective customers and analysis of customer data which includes accuracy, currency and intended growth opportunities. This also includes a review of proposed customer personas and purchase behaviour as well as a full customer survey to identify areas of improvement, perceptions of brand, service, product, teams and processes.
  • Competitor Review: Analysing the competition in your industry, including the number of competitors, how their offerings differ to your organisation, threat of new players (reviewing both technology and organisations), analysing customer buying power and motivations that drive their purchases, threat of substitute services or products.
  • Digital Real Estate Audit: Review & analysing your online brand presence & perception,  including customer sentiment, brand activity and consistency across all digital footprints, web content & SEO performance, social media activity and brand territory including brand mentions & online directories
  • Detailed Audit Report: Our detailed audit report includes an action-oriented task list with suggestions for improvements and a report on findings, giving you the information you need to build a strategy that sees growth.