Product Placement

You had a great idea. You made it happen. And now you are here. Congratulations! We sure know how that feels.

Now it’s time to take over the world…. (or maybe.. your immediate world, and the one adjacent to that, and the one adjacent to that… you get our drift).

Being the business you are, you are no doubt driven to sell. That’s what you do, and that’s what you should be doing, in order to survive and succeed. We’d love to help you identify new ways in growing – by ensuring that some of the fundamentals are being taken care of.

This may not be for everyone – you may have done all of this already, but to refresh your memory, and perhaps spark some ideas how we can help, we’ve put a few thoughts down that are integral to making your business grow.

  • Market Research: Starting off, you no doubt would have considered your market very carefully. After all, isn’t that what they teach you in Business 101, or what you see on THOSE TV shows… However, how often have you continued to conduct market research. How often have you gone back to your research, and updated your notes, updated your research, updated your figures, identified new markets? Maybe not so much? Thought perhaps not. That’s where we can help. We’d love to get stuck in – discover what makes your product and service tick, and with a fresh pair of eyes, do a little more work in looking at what your target market is doing.
  • Competitor Analysis: Seedlings pop up overnight. So do weeds. And if you’re not looking, these can completely take over your beautiful new flower bed, freshly planted, and suffocate any sign of growth (ok, perhaps we’re being melodramatic, but you get the idea). Your competition market should sit as highly on your business cake stand as your target market sits – and if you’re not constantly reviewing it, you could be caught with too many pork sausage rolls at an all-vegetarian tea party. We can help you review your competitor market – who’s doing what, what are they charging, what they have that you don’t, what you have that they don’t, etc. etc.
  • Product Launch: A good show is something we love. Have a new product or service that you want to launch, but not sure where to begin, or don’t have the time or resource to do it? Why not give us a shout with a view at exploring all the ways to spread the brilliant news! You have something that people want. You have something that needs to be sold. So let’s sell it!
  • Other Stuff: We can review pricing strategies, and product offering review. We can advise on user experience and how your product is being received by new users. We love to pull things apart (with words) and put it all back together again – so give us a shout and let’s look at your product offering, what the history has been, where you’d like it to go, and most importantly, how we’re going to get there!